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About Intercreate

Intercreate is a product development firm specializing in engineering services of complex electrical and software products. Our specialty is complete system design from your earliest ideas through mass production. We offer a full range of expertise including electrical design, firmware and software engineering, Quality Assurance, Design for Manufacturing, and project management. Together, we partner with our customers to bring their ideas to life and to market through comprehensive and cost effective design.

What people have said about us.

Intercreate provided gold standard services and expertise on a project with an aggressive deadline and numerous technical challenges. If you are searching for a team of world class engineers that will jump into your project with passion and the utmost professionalism, then I highly recommend working with the team.

Jacquelyn Marker

For companies that are seeking a firmware partner in their product development process, I not only fully endorse, but urge you to work with Dave D. and the Intercreate team. Their team consists of engineers of the highest caliber, who are incredibly skilled at their craft, dedicated, and trustworthy. You'll be in good hands throughout the entirety of the innovation process.

Sahand Dilmaghani, Terra Kaffe

Dave is an incredibly talented engineer who always finds a way forward through any technical challenge, a gifted communicator with an unusual ability to distill complexity into clarity and — most of all — a brilliant, truly reliable, and kind colleague.

Rebecca Goldman, Enso

Case story: Roche Compute Module

For over 125 years, Roche has been focused on finding new medicines and diagnostics to evolve the practice of medicine and ultimately help patients live longer, better lives. That’s why we were excited when the Roche team came to us with a vision: to create a compute module that supports multiple test and experimenting environments. The module would be common for all future unique test setups, saving Roche time and money for future test designs. In speeding up development times, Roche could innovate faster and cheaper for years to come.

The challenge: Could we produce a common PCBA that would cover all unforeseen future test cases and firmware support?

In short, yes! Because close collaboration is so important to how we work, we first set up a Slack channel and established weekly meetings with the Roche team. We also set up a project in Pivotal Tracker, a system we use to track features, progress, and bugs.Next, we worked with Amanda S., an electrical engineer at Roche, to put together a comprehensive product requirements document (PRD). We established that we would be delivering one compute module PCBA with firmware, and one backplane PCBA for testing. We talked about what success for this project should look like: successful testing of the compute module and firmware.
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We’ve got lots of happy clients.

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