Intercreate is a collaborative firmware and electrical engineering agency focused on providing the best experiences for end users.



Intercreate will work with you to create an electrical and firmware device that you can see, feel, and play with. It will look and act just as you envisioned it would. It can access the cloud and talk to your phone. This is not a prototype with an Arduino connected to a breadboard and multiple EVKs in a spaghetti of wires. This is the real thing. It is a baseline to compare all future iterations against.


Intercreate provides end-to-end development and direction. For hardware, we provide expertise in every design phase from concept and prototyping to high volume manufacturing. For firmware, we thrive in an interative environment. Automation for controlled releases of all phases from alpha to production is crucial. We pride ourselves in providing maintainable and modular source code for others to pick up.


Intercreate has years of experience working directly with contract manufacturers--local and overseas--and third party test vendors with volumes of up to 1000 a day. We understand the importance of test log file formats, statistical process control, empirical data, minimizing logistics through automation, and limit analysis. We develop tests from 'bed of nails' fixture, final assembly test to RMA


Intercreate was formed out of a passion for product execution. To simply say that Intercreate 'creates embedded systems' only begins to explain what we do. Good product execution is a function of understanding priorities given the stage of the design, communication, and allowing for flexibility of the work flow. Holistically speaking, strong collaboration with entrepreneurs and engineers in a interdisciplinary environment allows for efficient execution and, ultimately, exceeds the expectations of companies and their end user.

Intercreate's core competency lies in that magical realm where electrical signals turn into software. More concretely, we can provide bare metal and RTOS firmware systems, DSP, linux kernel, POSIX system development, custom PCBA in Altium, schematic capture, component selection, and hardware architecture. All engineering efforts are done with pride and our designs are always developed with DFx at the forefront.


Intercreate is based in San Francisco, where passion and ambition thrive.