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How do we bring your idea to life?

Our special sauce.

Although hardware lends itself to a traditional waterfall approach, we strive to integrate agile in the development where firmware milestones integrate with, but is not dependent on, hardware milestones. This is accomplished by firmware unit
and integration automated testing, TDD best practices, upfront planning for multiple hardware iterations, an agile story tracker, early OTA upgrade support, and software architecture best practices with proper hardware abstraction layer.

We support you through the whole journey.


We will work with you to create an electrical and firmware device that you can see, feel, and play with. It will look and act just as you envisioned it would. It can access the cloud and talk to your phone. This is not a prototype with an Arduino connected to a breadboard and multiple EVKs in a spaghetti of wires. This is the real thing. It is a baseline to compare all future iterations against.

Manufacturing test.

We have years of experience working directly with contract manufacturers--local and overseas--and third party test vendors with volumes of up to 1000 a day. We understand the importance of test log file formats, statistical process control, empirical data, minimizing logistics through automation, and limit analysis. We develop solutions such as 'bed of nails' test fixture, final assembly test, and RMA.

Product development.

We provide end-to-end development and direction. For hardware, we provide expertise in every design phase from concept and prototyping to high volume manufacturing. For firmware, we thrive in an iterative environment. Automation for controlled releases of all phases from alpha to production is crucial. We pride ourselves in providing maintainable and modular source code for others to pick up.

Building your internal team.

There's a saying that goes "software is never finished, only abandoned". We are proud of our work and want to make sure it lives for a long time. We encourage our clients to allow us to help with technical interviews and, once hired, train them of our codebase and hardware design assets.  This is a fundamental step in our process.

Checks and balances.

Best Practices.

  • Agile Project Management (SW/FW)
  • Waterfall Project Management (HW)
  • Early Firmware Upgrade Support
  • Test Driven Development
  • Experiment and Test Plan Documentation

Our tools.

  • Altium Designer (PCBA/FPCA Design)
  • GNU (Compiler Toolchain)
  • Github (Store HW and SW Design Assets)
  • PivotalTracker (Track Stories, Issues, Milestones)
  • Smartsheets (Schedule Tracking)
  • Slack (Team Communication)

Our process, in a nutshell.

Every client and every project is totally different. As such, we custom tailor our process to best work
with your goals. Here’s a sample that might give you insight into our process.

Phase 1: Architecture

Component Selection
Signal and Power block diagrams
Mechanical Control Outline (MCO) collaboration
Breadboarding / Simulations
"Non Form Factor (NFF)" Schematics / Layout
Firmware Architecture
Firmware debug and test framework
Firmware device driver development using dev kits
"Over the Air (OTA)" firmware Updates
NFF manufacturing support
Bring up / Hardware Validation

Phase 2: Form Factor

Improvements integrated in iteration
Detailed MCO design
Schematics / Layout
Firmware application development
Cloud / device interfacing development
"Form Factor (FF)" manufacturing support
Bring up / Hardware Validation

Phase 3: Manufacturing Prep

Automated manufacturing test fixture design
DFM improvements to form-factor
Collaboration with contract manufacturer
Support for regulatory and environmental testing
Integrate firmware feedback from user trials
EVT, DVT, PVT, MP management
Interview and and train new talent
Continually respond to firmware requests
Work with software dev team to secure wireless data

Phase 4 : Post Launch

RMA Triaging Support
"Statistical Process Control (SPP)" 
Support the manufacturing line
Utilize OTA firmware updates for the user
Support IC supply chain
Formally hand off design